Ethical Investment Strategy

As a company, we strive to be environmentally friendly, which includes offering an ethical investment strategy. Also known as ‘eco’, ‘green’, or ‘socially responsible’ investing, this type of approach considers both the investment return and any environmental impact.



Our headed paper is sourced from a company with a carbon offset reduction policy that plants new trees to counter their use of paper. Every printed form, document and report we produce uses recycled paper.

If we need to provide you with brochures, documents, etc. – and there’s no getting away from regulated financial planning documents – we will email these to you wherever possible.

Financial plans

Our financial plan packaging can be recycled, and we are working towards making our financial plan covers recyclable (our next order will ensure our front and back covers are replaced with a recyclable material). It is also possible to have your financial plan emailed to you.

Provider Information

We will always opt for email correspondence where possible, however, we do still receive a lot of paper from providers. We ensure any sensitive information is securely shredded and then recycled.