At Milestone we value our clients feedback in order to improve our services and their experience of working with us. Here’s what just a handful say…

Customer Photo Rick
"I cannot praise Milestone Wealth enough, having facilitated early retirement for me. Miles has been very patient, listening to my goals and aspirations, and arranging all of my finances so as to alleviate any misgivings I may have had regarding life after the ol’ 9 to 5.

Communication and clarity has been great, and if I ever needed advice about any aspect of my pension, he has always responded promptly and with sensible advice. I have had several meetings in their New Walk office, where Miles and office manager Tracy have made me feel welcome and comfortable. They are also always at the end of a phone, and Miles has even come out to meet me at my home to discuss new developments regarding different funds.

The complications inherent in managing pensions as a whole are carefully and diligently dealt with by Miles, whilst explaining the steps and outlining the various options available to me. I feel confident with the recommendations offered, particularly as he has taken the time to get to know me and what I really wanted to get out of retirement.

One of my dreams was to own my own narrowboat, and Milestone have helped manage my finances in order to keep the dream alive.

Thanks Miles and Tracy!"

Case Study: Discovering Financial Freedom

When we met with our client, Rick, he was feeling stressed in his job as an architect. He wanted to explore the option of leaving his firm to set up independently, so he could take jobs on his own terms, or possibly take on a less stressful role in a different profession. Rick wanted to spend more time doing the things he enjoys, including photography and a recent passion for creating voice overs.

Assessing Future Outcomes

As well as taking detailed information provided by Rick, we obtained all the information from pension and investment providers. We then ran the numbers through our comprehensive cash-flow modelling software. We found that on prudent assumptions, Rick would be able to set up on his own or take a less stressful role, earning a small fraction of his current earnings. We also discovered that he could be financially secure for life and Rick would just about have enough, if he decided not to work again.

Being Financially Free

Rick has now left his job and has planned some time off to consider what he wishes to do next. His options include staying retired, setting up a business, or pursuing another passion. Rick also now has time to work on his recently purchased narrow boat, which he plans to enjoy more often now that he doesn’t have to worry about going into work every Monday.

We will be reviewing Rick’s plans every year to make sure he stays on track with his financial plan, and this will ensure every element is aligned to his objectives.

As Rick knows how much is enough for his lifestyle, he no longer has to worry about running out of money.


Customer Photo Shaun Stone
"Finding the right information for my pension fund was a daunting task for me.

Milestone Wealth did everything – Miles talked me through the options I had and explained the benefits and risks. He dealt with property purchases for me with almost no time or effort for myself. I’ve seen a vast increase in my pension value and potential rewards on my retirement. I can’t speak highly enough of the service they provide."

Case Study: Creating Financial Security

Our client, Shaun, is the owner of Proportion Air, which develops new and improved life-saving medical equipment. Shaun wanted to be financially independent of his business. However, he wasn’t sure how much capital and income he would need to achieve a financial position where he wouldn’t run out of money. Shaun also enjoys fishing, racing on his motorbikes, and spending time with his family, including his young grandson.

Pension Funds & Commercial Property

We helped Shaun to buy two commercial business properties within his Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) using the 50% loan feature. We also created a bespoke financial plan and cash-flow forecast, using sensible and prudent planning assumptions to show Shaun how much income he would need to generate for himself from his business to be financially secure, irrespective of any potential business sale. We were also able to show him how much his business would need to be sold for both now and in the future, so he could stop working and have enough to continue living the lifestyle he enjoys.

Being Financially Secure

Shaun now has a passive rental income going into his SIPP from the commercial properties. As well as receiving rent from his own business, which reduces his Corporation Tax liability, our cash-flow planning has helped Shaun to focus on how he can achieve his financial objectives. As he moves closer to his retirement goal, he has streamlined his business to generate a turnover that requires less of his time, too.

To ensure that Shaun stays on track with his financial plan, we will review his plans each year and we will align every element to his objectives.

With a passive income and increased pension value, Shaun now has more time to do the things he enjoys, rather than waiting until he retires.

Shaun Stone

"Miles provided me with a highly professional service. He uses a excellent software package that helped me understand clearly the risks and benefits of my situation. I was delighted with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone."


"I would recommend Milestone to anybody, a thoroughly professional service, Miles advices both myself and my wife with our Pension and Investments. We both have totally different risk investment profiles, which he has managed excellently, we have each seen a healthy return on our investments and all the worry taken out of retirement planning."

Richard L

"Very professional, comprehensive and informative experience which covered every aspect of my finances allowing me to plan for the future and ultimately my retirement."


"An exceptional and professional service. The whole process was thoroughly explained and easy to understand. Thankyou Miles."


"A well designed simple and effective website making you aware of the services Milestone offers. I used the services of Milestone for transferring a pension to a suitable provider as well as help with personal cash flow planning. I found their advice very useful indeed."


"I've been dealing with Miles of late over a number of months, in particular the potential for early retirement and cash flow forecasts given my own particular circumstances. The attention to detail has been great; all backed up by some simple explanations upon request. It really does make one think about future cash flows and provides a variety of expenditure scenarios aimed at making the final decision as informed as possible. I'm very pleased with the professionalism of the service provided to date. Thank you Miles."

Google Review - Simon

"Miles has not only provided expert and considered financial advice over recent years, he was also extremely sensitive and helpful following a family bereavement. He was invaluable in helping to ensure all necessary matters were dealt with as efficiently as possible, and financial plans and advice were considered very thoroughly for the new situation. Very pleased with his expertise over the years, and the long term relationship that has developed."

Google Review - Martin

"Excellent professional advice received and taken from Miles.
Extremely pleased with forward planning regarding our pensions savings and future financial goals.
Would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to get their financial affairs in good order.

Google Review - John

"Received excellent pension/investment advice & service. Very thorough, professional, friendly & approachable. Nothing is too much trouble. Would highly recommend this service."

Google Review - Karen

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